About Life Specialty Solutions

Mission Statement

To achieve the extraordinary for our physician partners and our patients

Since 2003, the mission of Life Specialty Solutions has been to apply the highest standard of care to each and every individual, so that patients and doctors are confident that medicines and infusions will be delivered and administered in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

We strive to improve the doctor-patient relationship, put patients first, and provide peace of mind to physicians and patients alike. This allows them to take comfort in the fact that we’ve got their backs and we won’t let them down. At Life Specialty Solutions, we work harder so you don’t have to.



Life Specialty Solutions Team


Life Specialty Solutions is a fully-licensed institution, as well as a URAC-accredited pharmaceutical distributor, adhering to the strictest standards and procedural guidelines. The URAC accreditation process is intensive, requiring a rigorous examination of a company’s history and procedures. It involves a comprehensive review by a panel of medical professionals, who conduct interviews and tour facilities. We have received a full URAC accreditation based on our outstanding record for sterile compounding, sanitation, safe practices, and on our vast experience and diligence in handling medicines and medical devices.