Life Infusion Suites

While our home base is in NYC, we partner with 100 centers nationwide and a team of over 400 nurses, and provide compassionate patient care and support for thousands with chronic illnesses and rare diseases. Our suites are designed according to best practice guidelines.


Beyond administering infusions and injections, we add value and convenience and specialty testing simultaneously. Our facilities are designed to provide an inviting, relaxing environment where patients can feel at home the moment they walk in the door. We offer convenient, flexible appointment scheduling and provide complimentary Wi-Fi, snacks and more.


Your Comfort Gives Us Comfort

We have focused on making patients feel comfortable for nearly 20 years. Our Life Infusion Suites provide patients with a safe, comfortable environment to receive specialty medications by infusion or injection. We take a personalized approach to patient care that includes education and counseling. Our objective is to better support medication adherence and help achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our suites are sanitized and cleaned throughout all hours of operation lowering the risk of infection and contamination.  Adhering to the highest standards of infection control, we provide a COVID-19 prevention resource to our patients.

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- “Experience is the teacher of all things” -Julius Caesar

Our professionals possess expertise you can be confident in. Our specialty drug therapies are administered with care.


Our centers are led and staffed by a team of registered nurses with extensive experience in administering specialty and biologic drugs in the following ways:

-Intravenously (IV)

-Subcutaneously (SC)

-Intramuscularly (IM)

To ensure patient safety, each center is fully equipped to handle medication-related issues with emergency equipment on site. Our nurses are trained in handling side effects or adverse reactions. We forge close relationships with our patients and their caregivers, monitoring health and documenting conditions, connecting with each patient’s team of health care professionals to coordinate optimal individualized care



Patients starting a complex specialty drug therapy often have concerns about how regular infusions or injections will affect their lives. We take the time to answer each and every question and provide practical and emotional support.  Questions about accessibility, reimbursement or transport are part of our commitment to care.  In partnership with prescribing physicians we advocate on our patients’ behalf. Whether arranging for out of the area transportation or coordinating scheduled treatments, we are hands on partners in care.


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Innovation for an exceptional patient experience

Our centers are connected to an integrated information architecture enabling information sharing with our pharmacies and patient support programs. This provides us with a holistic view of each patient’s specific needs, ensuring a smooth treatment journey with comfort in mind.



A Network Focused on Care, Compassion and Comfort

We focus on one thing and we do it well!
LifeInfusion has not changed who we are or what we do ever since we started 10+ years ago.  Our superior staff training, quality assurance protocol and commitment to patient care have always been the hallmark of our company.  Our focus has remained the same from day one, providing life saving infusions that treat life threatening diseases. The opening of our LifeInfusion Suites is an extension of our enduring focus.  With every detail of the physical set up of our brand new suites, to our specialty trained medical professionals, our focus has stayed sharpened on the highest medical standards of care for infusion therapy patients.

Our care in measured in the quality we provide to patients wherever and whenever it’s needed


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