You are at the center of every decision we make

At Life Specialty Pharmacy, we aim to ensure that patients who are prescribed specialty drugs are cared for and supported at every stage of the treatment journey. Our experienced team of pharmacists, nurses and case managers can handle the paperwork, guide you through the process, and help you navigate complex medication reimbursement. We understand how challenging and confusing complex treatments can be, and we provide specialized education and support that is personalized to your condition. Our mission is to make your health care simple, so you can get the medications you need — and focus on what matters most.

“Healing is not only prescribing medicine but working together and sharing in a spirit of joy and cooperation.” -Patch Adams


Our pharmacies are located from coast to coast and deal exclusively with specialty medications, including biologics. We have an in-depth understanding of how they work, potential side effects, adverse reactions and expected outcomes. We offer refill reminders and customized treatment monitoring. In addition, our pharmacists are always just a phone call away to answer any questions you have. We are able to arrange fast, reliable delivery to your home, office or nearest center — at no cost to you.

Doctor working in the office and listening to the patient, she is explaining her symptoms, healtcare and assistance concept


Creating a treatment environment that works for our patients’ needs and lifestyles

We focus on one thing and we do it well!

The nurses who run our Life infusion Suites and injection centers are highly experienced in administering specialty drugs. We go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and that your treatment experience is as seamless as it can be. With locations in New York and New Jersey plus convenient extended hours, we make it easy to schedule appointments that work for you.

LifeInfusion has not changed who we are or what we do ever since we started in 2003.  Our superior staff training, quality assurance protocol and commitment to patient care have always been the hallmark of our company.  Our focus has remained the same from day one, providing life saving infusions that treat life threatening diseases. The opening of our LifeInfusion Suites is an extension of our enduring focus.  With every detail of the physical set up of our brand new suites, to our specialty trained medical professionals, our focus has stayed sharpened on the highest medical standards of care for infusion therapy patients.



We deliver patient support programs on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers to take the complexity out of specialty drug therapies. We stay with you throughout your treatment to answer your questions, provide guidance and support, monitor your health, and help you with appointment scheduling and medication delivery. Our patient support program team will also help you navigate the medication reimbursement process and do everything possible to remove any barriers to continuing your treatment.